How to Volunteer

A Court Appointed Special Advocate is a person who is a positive influence, a consistent caring adult, a witness of the facts, a specially trained and sworn in representative, a friend with a large heart, and most importantly a person who can change an abused or neglected child’s life. CASA volunteers can wear many hats to be the advocate of a child in the family court system. CASA volunteers build a relationship with the child to understand and advocate for the best interest of the child, whether it is recommending services, expressing the child’s unique situation in court or explaining what is happening to the child.

CASA volunteers are appointed by a family court judge to be the voice of that child in court. CASA volunteers are supported by a professional team and go through specialized training. If you have room in your heart to change the life of an abused or neglected child we would love to have you become part of Oklahoma CASA.

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer.