CASA volunteers are responsible for gathering information that will enable the court to better understand the situation of a child. They essentially become the eyes and ears of the court, making independent, objective recommendations regarding the child’s best interest.

Steps to Becoming a Volunteer.

Step 1. Look to see which local CASA programs are in your area.

You can choose which program is most convenient for you. With 19 programs serving 63 counties in Oklahoma, and some tribal court, we’re sure you’ll find something close by.


Step 2. Contact your local CASA program.

Your local program will interview you in person and ask you to fill out an application. You will also be asked for 5 references to guarantee that you are a person of character, competence, and reliability.


Step 3. Complete a background check.

CASA volunteers undergo a thorough background check that includes fingerprinting to ensure that our children are in good hands. Volunteers cannot have a record of certain criminal offenses, like child abuse, neglect, or any sexual offenses.


Step 4. Complete the required training.

All volunteers must complete an initial training of at least 30 hours. This training prepares you to be a strong advocate and covers legally mandated topics. You’ll learn about the dynamics of child abuse and juvenile law and court structure.


Step 5. Take your oath before the judge.

That’s it! You’ve become a sworn CASA volunteer. Now you are ready to be appointed to a child who desperately needs your help.

"She helps me smile and feel good about myself. [She] wants to protect me and my sisters and tells me the truth and believes me when I tell her the truth."

-CASA Youth, Age 12-18


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