CASA Academy

Length of Time: 2 ½ days

Prerequisite: Pre-Service Volunteer Training; Onboarding Training (with local program), Optima Module training

Summary: CASA Academy is a NEW COURSE! New hires must attend the earliest scheduled CASA Academy following their onboarding.

  • Newly designed course
  • Combines New Hire training and Advocate Supervisor training
  • Includes Optima functions for Supervisors and Directors
  • Offered 3 times per year
  • Required for staff who carry case-related responsibilities

Training of Facilitators: Level I - Essentials

Length of Time: 1 ½ days

Prerequisite: Pre-Service volunteer training; familiarity with National CASA Blended/Flex or Traditional/Classroom Curriculum

Summary: TOF Essentials (previously “Basics”) is a “101” course that covers the minimum required skills for trainers.

  • Presentation Styles
  • Adult Learning Principles
  • Pre-Service Curriculum functionality
  • New: Techniques for the virtual classroom
  • Training practice with your peers
  • Successful completion of this course is required to train the National CASA Pre-Service Curriculum

Training of Facilitators: Level II - Mastering Facilitator Competencies

Length of Time: 1 ½ days

Prerequisite: TOF Essentials; Experience facilitating Pre-Service Training

Summary: TOF Level I lays a foundation for quality training, and Level II enables you to build the structure to house your training success.

  • Improve your training efficacy
  • Produce more capable volunteers
  • Build upon your skills (focus on National Competencies)
  • Increase Volunteer retention

Raise, Rally, Recruit!

Length of Time: 1 day

Prerequisite: None

Summary: What's your why? In this training you will learn the power of using stories to share the message of CASA.

  • Raise up valuable team members
  • Engaging communities of color and faith-based organizations
  • Maximizing social media to not only create awareness, but to
  • Rally volunteers who are ready to carry out your program’s mission.

This training is for anyone who is ready to step up your recruitment game to see growth in your program.


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